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RICK'S cafe' : Renewing Intercultural Competences and Knowledge Spaces




RICK'S cafe' stands for Renewing Intercultural Competences and Knowledge Spaces

RICK"S cafe is now an active network working mostly on:
- widening the skills base for teachers and trainers in middle and senior schools, VET and adult education,
- making youth leadership more professional and more relevant in the lives of young people by imparting skills for their professional and personal life and
- engaging members and the general public in activities that raise awareness and consciousness about issues that help people form opinions rather than repeat those of others.
RICK'S cafe' started in 2010 as a Comenius Network for educators, trainers, publishers, policy makers and specialists in issues related to intercultural education coordinated by CECE - Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza of Spain. It now works under the leadership of the newly formed RICK'S cafe Association of Malta.



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